(0-3) Personal Trajectory

Hiro Tanaka’s Personal Trajectory.

(A) Research on Design Geometry and Design Tools(1994-2000)
4-Dimensional CAD derived from Buckminster Fuller Domes
Superviser: Koji Miyazaki (Kyoto University)

(B) Research on Algorithmic/ Computational Design for Architecture (1999- 2004)
Architect: Makoto Sei Watanabe, Kengo Kuma, Rie Okumura
Makoto Sei Watanabe “Subway Station”
Kengo Kuma “Taiwan Museum”
Rie Okumura “Shadow-Oriented Architecture”

(C) Research on Mapping/ Fieldwork (2002- 2010)

(D) Research on Movable, Foldable, Transformable Furniture (2005 – 2010)
Grazing Furniture
Hakodate Bar Project (Travelling Architecture)
Open Source Smart Furniture

(E) Research on Media/ Public Installation (2004-2010)
tEnt02 Icicle Drops
tEnt03 Catch the White Breath
tEnt04 Call< =>Response

(F) Integration all of above through (2009-)
Digital Fabrication,
Digital Materiality,
Programmable Matter,
Mediated Matter